Direct and Indirect Sentences


1. Direct : Santo asked me, "Do you do your homework ?"
2. Indirect : Santo asked me if I did my homework.

3. Direct : Santo told me, "I went to the cinema yesterday."
4. Indirect : Santo told me that he had gone to the cinema the day before.

5. Direct : "Can you come here tomorrow ?", Jim asked me.
6. Indirect : Jim asked me if I could come there the next day.

7. Direct : "I was washing dishes when she came," Susi said.
8. Indirect : Susi said that she had been washing dishes when she had come.

9. Direct : Joana asks me, "are you sure?"
10. Indirect : Joana asks me if I am sure.

11. Direct : "It is a beautiful day", Imron said.
12. Indirect : Imron said that It was a beautiful day.

13. Direct : I say, "Don't touch her, Rudy!."
14. Indirect : I told Rudy not to touch her.

15. Direct : "Will she come here?", Juni asked me.
16. Indirect : Juni asked me if she would come there.

17. Direct : Romlah said, "close the door, Ujang!."
18. Indirect : Romlah told Ujang to close the door.

19. Direct : "She is playing basketball, San", told Bakri.
20. Indirect : Bakri told San that she was playing basketball.

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